A few months back, I was reading Bob Ong’s “Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ng Libro ang mga Pilipino?” and I came across this part of the book where the author listed down some of the wackily named businesses in the country. I gotta say, most Filipinos do have a sense of humor when it comes to these matters. Anyways, here’s the list, with some of my ideas 🙂

From me:

Fatness First BBQ (tagline: “Dito, una ang taba”)
Pansit Cantunan sa Kanto (tagline: “Kumanton ka muna!”)
Kunat Dunat (chewy donuts)
Come Inn (pension house)

From Bob Ong’s Book:

Aristoback(kainan sa likod ng Aristocrat)
Caintacky Fried Chicken (Cainta, Rizal)
Goldirocks (gravel and sand shop)
Pizza Hot (pizza place)
Saudia Hairlines (beauty salon)
Side-saki (eatery sa gilid ng Mandarin Hotel)
Wash & Carry (laundromat sa Makati, malapit sa Cash & Carry)
Wheels Fargo (eatery)
Ali Baka (shawarma shop)
Holland Hopia (pag-aari ni Mr. Ho, katabi nito ang–)
Poland Hopia (pag-aari naman ni Mr. Po, sa Chinatown, Manila)
Tio Paeng Longganisa Stand (Pampanga)
Miki Mao (noodle eatery)
Leon King Video Rental (Las Pinas)
Fernando Pe’s Box Office Hits (video rental shop sa Palawan)
Susan’s Roses (flower shop)
James Tailoring
Elizabeth Tailoring
Jane’s Pondahan
Sylvestre’s Salon
Suzy’s Key Duplication
Cleopata’s Bakahan and Manukan
Scissors Palace (barber shop)
10/Q (convenience store chain)
Bee Tin (pagawaan ng hopia)
Cute-Thing-Tings (Novelty-craft shop)
Curl Up and Dye (beauty salon)
Funeraria Mabuhay
Goto Heaven (tindahan ng goto)
Happy Birthday Toyo (dating tatak ng toyo)
Income Taxi
Juice Co. (fruit juice stand)
Labo Optical
Let’s Goat-Together (kambingan/beer garden)
Mahal Kita Honey (bottled honey galing Batangas)
Meating Place (meat shop)
Meatropolis (meat shop)
Mercy Buko (tindahan ng buko)
Nacho Fast (nachos to go)
Pa-Kap-Log (tindang almusal: pandesal, kape at itlog)
Passers Buy (convenience store)
Perfect-Lee (sari sari store)
Perm Foundation (Christian beauty salon)
Petal Attraction (flower shop)
Pig Out (restaurant/take-out sa Makati na may pork dishes)
Second Time Around (tindahan ng mga second hand na relo)
Sophisticut (unisex hair salon)
Star Wash (launderette)
TapSi TurBi (tapa, sinangag, turon at bibingka)
The Fried of Marikina (tindahan ng fried chicken)
The Way We wear (boutique)
To Home It May Concern (tindahan ng furniture)
Tree’s Company (tindahan ng artificial plant)
Triple Bee (restaurant)
Tutti Fruit-asan (fruit stall)
Washing Well (laundromat)
What’s Disc? (tindahan ng mga CD)
Wrap and Roll (tindahan ng lumpia)
Your Best Vet (veterinary clinic)


Bobong Pinoy (Pinoy Website)


Some hometown Las Pinas City shops with different shop/business names:

Operation Brotherhood Montessori Center (school)
Tanging I-net N’yo (internet cafe)
Green Cab (pizza delivery)
Don’t Tell Mama (KTV bar)

Call it funny or weird or brilliant, but that’s how lightly Filipinos can take life sometimes. We all love a good laugh, even if we mean business.

6 thoughts on “LAUGHS

  1. @trinapay: laftrip no? galing tlaga ng humor ng pinoy! funny but relevant at the same time!nagalingan ako sa “Caintacky Fried Chicken” at sa “TapSi TurBi” hehehe!@babyjane: it’s a salute to the Pinoy’s creativity and banking on what’s already there, with a twist of humor 🙂despite our current crises as a people, Pinoys always has something great to offer, even if it is just to humor and provide a laugh tripping moment 🙂

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