Without Wires

It’s been ten days since my internet service at home got cut off.

Why? Because I haven’t paid the bill.
Why? Because I’m running short on funds.
Why? Because I’ve been a careless spender the past few months.
Why? Because I was desperate to look for things to pass the time by.
Why? Because I want to be happy.
Why? Because if I don’t look for something to do, I’ll be sad.
Why? Because I did something that I thought would make me happy.

Am I happy? Sort of. Uhm. Yeah. But it doesn’t mean one can’t grow sad from time to time. I think being happy means realizing that sometimes, you get sad and the idea of being happy makes you search for things that make you happy. Then one day, in the midst of foraging for happiness, the one thing that will truly make you/me/everyone happy comes along and before we know it, we find ourselves more complete that we ever dreamed of. No more of that ‘almost happy, almost content’ whining (I have to get over that.)

But I digress.

Anyways, being unhooked from the Internet did me some good for the past ten days. I’ve been able to sleep a tad bit earlier than my usual sleeping time. But wait, that’s not all. I’ve managed to allot more time into practicing my guitar playing and as well as making adjustments to my sound and mixing the balance of noise and melody with my friend Teedzay’s guitar effects. Also, I’ve been able to do some reading at night, and check out some really interesting late night TV shows. The only downside is that I haven’t been able to check emails, and read blogs and do some serious blogging. And downloading too. I’ve fallen behind on LOST and Smallville episodes. I haven’t downloaded new songs (not that I have any idea what to download). Most of all, I haven’t been able to make some advance reading on upcoming probable sideline projects. And God knows how much I need extra income nowadays.

So it isn’t that bad to lose the high speed internet service for the moment. Sometimes, it’s best to see the real world outside with our own eyes, rather than looking at it from behind a computer monitor.

One thought on “Without Wires

  1. korek ka dyan johnny.Been unwired for almost 3 months.and its not that bad you know. you get to exchange it for something different. and being different isnt that bad at all. 😉

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