I’d always hear Steve Slater of Star Sports say that when some F1 driver causes a big accident while in a favorable position or lose the place in some dramatic fashion (like an engine blow-up or a spectacular suspension failure).

Now, I’d like to use that line to describe my plans for the Holy Week formerly known as the Summer Getaway plan.

Well, after the Donsol trip, I was looking forward to more out of town trips, especially this rare long break that is the Holy Week. Most of us use the long holiday to recharge our batteries, get out of the city (whether with family or friends) and relax, spending the long and hot lazy afternoons on a beach or a bamboo bed or a straw mat, sipping iced tea or margarita or a cold glass of water, getting a shade darker or combing through the sands of a beach or just plain reading streak to finish a thick book.

That was my plan. But then I saw…


First to disappear was the money. Then the plans to go on a getaway. Then the village friends who suddenly turned cold on me upon finding out I wasn’t going with them.

Oh well.

I don’t have much interesting DVD’s. But if anyone has a real interesting collection, would he/she be kind enough to lend this soul left with zero plans this long weekend go through a movie marathon?


Some photos from last Saturday’s gig at Kublai’s (with Eida, Pumping Pluto and a lot more bands).

Photos courtesy of Rommel of Eida, taken by our drummer’s brother Marion.

Rommel on Guitar, Jayvee on Bass,
Gemma on Vocals, Terence on Drums and Teedzay on Lead Guitar.

Eida explodes into their new song, “Baliw”

“Let’s go Prexy!”

All guys: G-Boy, Terence, Jary (partly hidden) and Jon.



Spotted all around the Metropolis…

Family for Sale P15.00 (Coke Family Size ad, seen from a photo)
Gupit P4000 (what an expensive hair cut. someone forgot the “.” – seen outside a barbershop in Manila)
Franck Proven (in a stall that sells deep fried chicken gizzard wrapped in flour, near Southmall in Las Pinas)
Luis Buttons (written in a button that came off one of my shirts.)
Condoms for Rent (I think they meant “condos”, written in a piece of paper with a marker, in Makati City)
Sign Language (stall that sells sign boards for jeeps and buses, in Las Pinas)
Don’t get closed to me, get closed to God. (nice grammer. err… seen on a bumper sticker)
Out of Orders (seen outside a small carinderia, just on top of the empty glass case where they keep viands, in Makati)
Futlong with Coslow (hot dog stand in front of our village, in Las Pinas)
Bite Club. We fight hunger. (burger place in Katipunan, QC)

Again, Pinoys’ creativity and humor never ceases to amaze me.

2 thoughts on “FROM HERO to ZERO

  1. Did I hear movie marathon? 😀 I just bought a new TV, and I’d love to test it out on a movie marathon.Lemme know if you’re interested in spending the long weekend in a condo building, dipping in the pool in the afternoons, and having all the chips we can imagine. 🙂

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