I shouldn’t be thinking things like I did moments ago, especially on a maundy thursday.

I like how they named this day of the holy week – maundy. I think I’ll write a song about it. No, definitely not a badly misspelled Barry Manilow spoof song. Something really serious. defines ‘maundy’ wholly in a religious light:

Maundy \Maun”dy\, n. [See Maundy Thursday.]

1. The sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. [Obs.]

2. The ceremony of washing the feet of the poor on Maundy Thursday.

3. The alms distributed in connection with this ceremony or on Maundy Thursday.

Note: In England, the foot washing is obsolete, but the “royal maundy” is distributed annually on behalf of the sovereign. Since 1890 this distribution has been made from Westminster Abbey.

Source: Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

If I were to define this word out of context, I’d say ‘maundy’ should mean something like ‘gloomy’ or ‘unfortunate’ or ‘despondent’.

I feel maundy today.

It sounds like a really sad word.

Yet in a religious context, it’s to sound quite a bit victorious, being it a day where events take place that complete the Savior’s destiny.

All in all, it feels like a really emotionally heavy word.

The kind you’d like to put in a heavy, emotional song.


Today’s theme: Lazy boy. Spent most of the day lying down on the couch watching the following on TV or on DVD: Chasing Amy, NBA TV, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, ETC, F1 replays. Eating junk food. Eating non-meat meals, cutting down on rice. Smoking inside the house. Drinking melon juice. Drinking water. Chatting. Enjoying a really cold shower. Cleaning up Scarlet. Sleeping.

I enjoyed the sleep part the most. I dreamed that the house got remodeled, that a big rat jumped into my chest, that Scarlet got damaged in an unfortunate accident, that I got broadband again.

I think I can take the big rat jumping out on me.

Just won’t take it too good if anything bad happens to my Scarlet.


It’s been a while. I miss it, really. I’m only human. But what’s the point if I can’t express it and do it the way that I’ve always envisioned it?

It’ll only wreck me more.

I’m a train wreck as it is. Damaged.

Not beyond repair, I hope.

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