The three things that can turn a black or bleak Saturday night into something much, much better. I’ve never recalled having this much fun on a Black Saturday. There wasn’t much to see around the row of bars in ATC – rows of empty tables and seats. Starbucks had its usual crowd of um, I’d say frap-slurping teens in tempting unholy week attire. And since we got there a few minutes past ten, lights we’re starting to go out of the stores.

CJ, Chiles and I made our way to Cable Car. Wasn’t expecting to see the place dead on a Saturday night, but then I remember it’s that time of year. Despite the loud beats blaring out the loudspeaker, we all managed to share top three lists of all sorts of things, over Cape Cod Mudslides, Winston Lights smokes and Cerveza Negras. I guess bringing up High Fidelity set the tone for the all the lists we made up last night, and sharing time with the both of them just left me filled with movies to watch or look for and music to listen to and books to read, and more nights like this to look forward to.

Hopefully next time I hang out with you guys, I should have watched at least 5 of the movies you’ve given enthusiastic thumbs ups.


Got a preview of a fantasy short story written by my good friend Chiles. It made me smoke three cigarettes in a row, finish a short serving of hot americano with hazenut syrup and 2 small glasses of water, with some bursts of laughing out loud for the wit of his written dialogues.

It’s that good. And it’s not yet even finished.

I even think it has potential to become a movie. No bull.


Finally added “The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish” and “The Wolves in the Walls” to my read-books-written-by-Neil Gaiman list.

Short, fun and witty. As always, excellent artwork by Dave McKean.

Now if I can find a way to keep buying his past and present works.


The vacation is ending. Sad. But thankful nonetheless for the five days of lazing around and semi-fasting. Yes, I DID fast. A bit of sacrifice should be better than nothing at all.

I miss bumming and lazing around. I’m so glad I decided to do just that during the break.


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