… from internet-less-ness…

So what do I do?

1. Download a song that I’ve been LSS-ing to: Buwan by Wickermoss. (I’m buying their CD next payday, this is just for a temporary reprieve…)
2. Check my GMail for any new messages.
3. Upload a brand new LSS on CleoPlayer and update the template to show LSS.
4. A back-to-blogging celebration entry.
5. Bloghop to my regular reads and leave some comments on or not.
6. WPT Online Poker on the free tables.
7. Update Firefox.
8. Tweak my internet settings. From 288 kbps, now I’m on 384 kbps! Speed! 🙂

I missed being on home broadband. Goodbye cable tv for now. Except when NBA playoff game primetime airing are on. And except when I go on a House semi-marathon.

So here’s my trivia question for all my six readers (I think) out there:

What do you do first when you regain internet service after a long spell?

Cheers everyone!

One thought on “I’M BACK

  1. so i hope im included in one of the six frequent visitors. hmn.. i’ll do the following1. clear hd, or buy a new bigger one2. buy brushless exhaust fans and install on pc3. install a stable os. 🙂4. be a pirate! download!5. talk with old friends, make new ones6. blog!7. play online8. video chatting9. porn!10. create my own webserver 😉

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