My current LSS: I just like the beats and the great vocals.


Sa aking pag-gising, pangarap kang makita
Pagpintig ng puso mayroong kaba
Di ko mailihim, ningning sa aking mata
Balang araw, ako’y umaasa

Ika’y makapiling
Sabay ng dalangin at
Pagbilog ng buwan

Paglipas ng araw, pangarap ko’y ganap
Ako’y iyung nasa isip, ako’y hanap-hanap
Di raw panaginip, sa isang iglap
Magkasama tayo, sa alapaap

Hawak kamay at
Sabay na humahanga sa
Ganda’t liwanag ng buwan

* Masdan mo giliw, langit sa piling mo
Mundo’y gumaganda, bawat hinga’y laan sa yo
Sa bawat ihip, at bulong ng hangin ay
Mundo’y iikot lang, sa iyo


Dahil sa pagsubok, lahat ba’y may hanggan
Pag di inukol, walang hahantungan
Hayaan na lang isipin, hayaang maghangad
Mugto ang matang hawak ko, tangi mong larawan

Habang ako ay
Mag-isang nakatanaw
Sa pag-luha ng buwan

4 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. just passing by =) not sure if i am correct to assume that you are speaking from experience, but i kinda relate to what you said. actually i relate to the other side of the coin of what you said. you never know, and its never too late to win someone back. she may just be waiting for you. at least you know what you need to do, you just have to actually do it. sana may makarealize niyan about me… oh well… as you said, life goes on. =) [ –> pilit]

  2. i envy her. she is really lucky. but if you keep that mindset about things, and take your feelings for granted, you’ll never know if she’s worth all the sacrifices, waiting and pain. why not take chances. you’ve got nothing to loose. once a friend will always be a friend anyway. remember, love is meant to be expressed. repressed emotions lead to distress. and yes, what if’s do pile who said something about winning somebody back?i do feel for you tami.

  3. @tami: thanks for dropping by! it is indeed based on my experience, that last bit about feeling something for someone. well, i guess i know for sure what’s the outcome and for me realizing it is enough. i know for sure that i just can’t ruin someone else’s happy and beautiful life. but i do appreciate the kind words and encouragement 🙂 i do hope that someone does realize that about you and i hope that neither you or that other person has no hitches or commitments or whatsoever 🙂@emxdu: i’ve expressed it already. i know she knows. and knowing that is enough. i can’t take it to another level. all i know is admitting this emotion is enough to cement my resolve that there just isn’t any other way to go but to be friends.i guess the heart needs a rest from all this 🙂

  4. johnnydu > thanks for your kind words too. neither of us has any hitches or commitments. its just his decision at this time to be alone and i cannot convince him otherwise. to an extent i admire people who know exactly when enough is enough because i certainly don’t. i just keep on going as long as what im doing is not killing me. so maybe what you’ve decided to do and what he decided to do is for the best. the important things is you’ve expressed your feelings. well, best wishes to you! i guess things will just fall into place when the time is right =) emdxu > thanks for your words too. re: winning someone back… baka i misunderstood what the entry was about. maybe i was speaking for myself. in any case, thanks again =)

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