My blog, my blog, why have I forsaken you?

It’s because I can’t write.


Why is there always so much we want to do but all we end up doing is work?


I’m almost at the finish line of a major project. But the race doesn’t end there.

One leg of the race ends, and another one starts.


On the love end, I guess it’s not time yet. It’s been almost a year since I was last in a relationship and all I’ve felt since then are just between minor crushing on someone or a full-blown, hormone-driven lust.

I recently admitted that I may have been in love and realized it way too late.

My mood today feels like retracting that and I may have just said it because I got into a really bad emotional dive. Clutching at the straws I guess.

Pardon me for my mood swing.


Do you ever feel bad being yourself?

I do.

She should know that.

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