After watching so much movies (grand total: 2, maybe 3) during this long labor day weekend, I have come up with this list. Oh, maybe you can try to guess which are the movies where I found inspiration to come up with this list:

My Top Five Best Places to Share a Kiss

1. In the middle of the baseball field, Yankee Stadium to be exact, I think, with all the fans wailing, screaming, asking for a kiss between the two of you, and the most difficult thing to get over is not the kissing the girl part, but getting over a childhood trauma.

2. In an airport, just before leaving, kissing that someone special, with all that hustle and bustle all around you.

3. In the heavy rain, with both of you drenched. Nothing like a really sizzling kiss to fight off the cold raindrops. Not much difference whether done during the day or at night, although it’s much more dramatic at night.

Note: You can try the “Spiderman” variation, with the guy wearing a mask, hanging upside down from somewhere and the mask revealing just the nose and the mouth.

4. In the playground, at night, right after the both of you jump off swings after a certain height, then land on the sand, almost on top of each other, and after struggling to untangle your bodies and limbs from each other you end up face to face, and the most logical thing to do is to kiss passionately.

5. Central Park, New York, Ice Skating rink. Lie down on the ice. Watch for a flying black glove. See the girl of your dreams. That cute English accent. And then the kiss… (this one is almost a dead giveaway, I think. I don’t remember the exact scene, but I remember the girl…)


One last list then I’m off to bed:

My Top Five Favorite Sports-Related Movies

1. A League of Their Own
2. Coach Carter
3. Remember the Titans
4. Field of Dreams
5. Seabiscuit

And if the list were extended to ten movies…

6. The Rookie
7. The Mighty Ducks 1
8. The Mighty Ducks 2
9. The Mighty Ducks 3
10. The Replacements

If there’s drama in sports, there’s a lot more drama (or comedy) in sports movies.

Night folks!

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