three day break. friday. chicago deep dish pizza. colt 45. sleep a bit. saturday. up at four-thirty. a quick cab ride. at the office. company outing. breakfast run. sausage mcmuffin with egg and hash browns. all aboard. “aren’t we there yet?” not in this beach. perfect spots. dip. eat. BEACH VOLLEY! covered in sand. dinner. music. ‘salamat’, ‘leaving you’, and ‘with or without you’ in one go. indian poker, texas hold’em and gin + lemonade = morning bust. bad taste in mouth. breakfast. no pressure over cappuccino. and nachos. lunch. trip home. halo-halo. palabok. mr. and mrs. smith. goodbyes. see you tomorrow. work again!



8 thoughts on “SOME WEEKEND

  1. oh’s my blog..ive decided to update it ..hopefully i can keep up to it again..nyahaha..and yeah maria is my first name XD![dea]

  2. @brew: dungaree beach at subic bay freeport zone 🙂 good enough beach!@dea: i plan to roam around the country first. so many spots to see, good food to eat and people to meet.

  3. thanks shynne! medyo bitin nga summer, i mean at least i was able to hit the beach twice this year. sana makahirit pa ng isa! 🙂 hope yours turned out well too 🙂

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