Just finished writing 2 new songs. My very first ones. Now hopefully I can arrange it with my bandmates so we can have a whole lot of songs to put in when we hit the recording studios next month. And hopefully my budget is flexible enough too to add to our recording budget.

But what does it really take to write songs?

Now that I’ve finished writing my first songs, I believe it takes a lot of feeling, thinking and mixing it all up with a beat. It’s something that isn’t easy. A certain mindset and emotional involvement makes it somewhat simple and easy at first but putting the words and the music together isn’t really that simple. Writing down a song is the first step, if you’ve written it all by yourself. Getting that song to sound whole with your bandmates is the difficult step, but if you all are on the same page about the song, put together those individual talents to blend into a harmony and fit it in the sound that you all agree on is the hard work, the blood, sweat, tears and money spent to make that song appreciated by people you play for.

Anyways, it’s getting late and there’s work tomorrow. Catch the new songs on Last Song Syndrome brought to you by CleoPlayer on this site when we’ve perfected it and recorded it. Hopefully, you can catch it on our gigs when we’re done with the song and listen to the very first songs I’ve written.


Happy birthday to my best gal Ann. You rock, pare.


I’ve got Scarlet fixed after a nasty spill during the 6UG gig. No scratches or dents in her finish, but the pickups got disaligned. After hours and hours of working on them, I think I’ve got them in their original positions. I’ve checked the sound on my old-school amplifier setup and so far, nothing seems to have changed in the clean tones.

So sorry for that spill, Scarlet. I promise to get you a really reliable guitar strap by next payday to avoid any more spills.

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