Mother’s Day, 2006

A big cake and a hearty dinner for our mothers.

It’s the best that we could manage to show our love for them.

A paltry reward compared to what they went through for us.

But we’ll be doing this every year on till it’s impossible to do so.

Thanks, Ma. And all the other mothers in our family and circle of friends.


I now have my own copy of keys to our house. It’s about time I guess. I’m way too old not to have keys to my own house.

I feel a bit more grown up. No more knocking or a torrid hitting of the doorbell when I come home late at night.

Just insert some keys and turn some knobs…

Yep. I’m taking baby steps to growing up for real this time.

3 thoughts on “WEEKEND

  1. hi diday tweena 🙂laki na nila, bilis ng time sobra. Deydey is turning three this august, baby luis is turning one this june!they are uber likot yet so adorable.

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