Congrats to the Philippine Mt. Everest Expidition Team for making it to the top of the world!

There’s no greater honor and sacrifice for the team represented by Leo Oracion, the first Filipino to the top of Mt. Everest. Years of gutting it out in the mountains meant missing family members everyday, family events and other things, just to train and to prepare for the toughest climb of their lives.

Best of luck to the other team member, summit climber Erwin Pastor Imata on his summit assault. I’m sure he’ll make it to the top too. I know he’ll use the same determination, grit and courage displayed by Leo Oracion and the other members of the Everest team.

It means a lot for us what all of you went through to carry the nation’s pride and honor. Not only have you realized your dream as a mountaineer, but also earned a nation’s admiration and pride which needs more morale boosting news.

Congratulations and we’re proud of you guys!


Bought two new CD’s: Wickermoss’ Falling Leaves and Session Road’s Suntok Sa Buwan 2-Disc Special Edition.

They’re a steal for P250 each. Great songs, beats and display of musical expression. Special mention to Session Road’s album, whose second disc contains music videos for hit singles Eager Angels, Suntok sa Buwan and Leaving You, as well as previously unreleased versions of the songs and a new single called Blanko.

Go get a copy of the said CD’s! It’s worth it. And may the music industry come out with such great buys for the listening public.

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