Ron Howard’s “The Da Vinci Code” was OK. Just OK.

Please be warned that this is the opinion of someone who read the novel at least more than twice.

I was quite let down by the movie. The supposedly thrilling parts in the book lacked intensity. I actually think that the substantial scenes that were supposed to provide that thriller/suspense feel was flat. The interpretations of certain characters lacked the same brilliance that they were written and portrayed in the book. The real stumper for me was, the novel had its’ funny moments and felt that there was no need for Hollywood to tweak the movie and insert THEIR own attempts at humor.

But there are bright spots – Ian McKellen did really great in portraying Leigh Teabing, and Audrey Tautou was the perfect image for Sophie Neveu. Tom Hanks brought on his usual, ‘game-on’ performance, but nothing really here merits any major award-winning material.

Now please don’t let them use the same movie-making team to transform Angels and Demons into a movie. And if they do, I hope they learn from this mistake.

If the trailer hadn’t been so intriguing and tasty, I probably wouldn’t have seen this on the big screen.

I wonder how Dan Brown felt about the movie.

As for the controversy this movie stirred up, all I can say is this. Christians and Catholics will believe in Christ no matter how many movies and documentaries and other controversial information surfaces. Believing in Christ, I believe, is not in what we know about him, new information or old. It’s believing in what he’s done for us and it’s in believing in him in spite of the things that we don’t and probably never will know about him.

Novels, books, politics can shake foundations of temples and castles. But not the foundations of the human heart.


I can’t believe the uproar this movie brings from certain sectors of society. Bans, proclamations from “Catholic” politicians, crying foul over the implications on people’s faith (while taking out money from public trust and putting them in their own pockets. how sad and hypocritical.) and preaching righteousness.

Please don’t treat us like we’re stupid. We know what to believe and what not to believe. The only thing coming out dumb out of all of this is the people who give the movie too much credit. Please, stop fearing such fictional stuff. You’re all only lending it more credibility.

And by the way, we’re all long out of the stone age.

5 thoughts on “VERDICT ON THE CODE

  1. if you haven’t read the book, read if after you watch the movie 😉 if you have, i strongly suggest to wait for the pirates 😉 sayang din yung fifty-peso-difference na offer ng mga pirates :p

  2. i haven’t had time to see it yet, siguro nga sa pirated cds na lang. I have no right to judge but already, i’m half biased that it will be as bad as many reviews about it are. wawa naman si tom hanks =(re: controversy, sobra nga talaga yun. nakakainis yung reaction ng ibang catholic sects. ggrrr…

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