I needed some silence. In my mind were a thousand thoughts, a million words, but just one voice. The noise inside my head was enough to drive a roomful of people insane.

I calmly stood up, picked up my warped pack of cigarettes, my trusty ‘Carlos I’ lighter and my only noteworthy corduroy jacket. I approached my boss and asked for a half hour breather, and he indulged me. I slowly walked out of the office, and into the ever noisy, busy street. I didn’t know where I was going, but my feet led me to a nearby coffee shop. Inside, I found the silence that I sought.

It was virtually empty. Like the noise inside my head, like the feeling that I have right now.

I picked the brown leather sofa good for six people. There, I rested my head while waiting for the cappuccino that I ordered. I closed my eyes, breathed the aroma of roasted coffee that wafted in the air.

I let the silence calm the voices inside me, and one by one, the words, the thoughts, the feelings faded away. With every sip of the warm brew, and every deep breath that I let go, the noise went away.

As empty as the coffee cup, I stood up and left.

I walked back, got back in the saddle, and suddenly realized, ‘what was I escaping from?’.

It was the disaster that is myself.

4 thoughts on “ESCAPE

  1. @tami: got away for a moment and now all i need is to get away for a longer amount of time 🙂@anonymous: the rest did me and the fever broke. i’m finally myself again. thanks for looking out after me 🙂@trinapay: heheh emo funk lang 😦 am much better now. rest and meds lang pala katapat 😛

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