200th POST – A Wordplay on Love

have you ever tried to store love somewhere, like in a capsule or a bottle? like soda, eventually the ‘spirit’ leaks out, and what remains in the bottle is not what you originally put in. but unlike soda, it does not vanish into thin air – it takes up residence, oftentimes permanently, in the heart: the one true place where one cannot hide it. that one true place where you cannot keep it locked away or separate from who you are. misplacing love in a container means not losing it, it means denying it until it can no longer be denied, or holding it back when it’s nature is a force that cannot be held against its will. may it be love for an idea, love for the one true thing you want to do or the one person you want most in your life to share it with, it is not meant to be tied to a leash, or kept in animate objects: when contained, love can easily break your heart yet when released it will not really make it whole, at least not immediately.

love in a capsule, love in a bottle, love in packet to be used for emergencies, love that will break hearts, mend spirits and complete the very being of one’s self…

love that you hear in a song, love that you find in making music, love that you find in words written coherently and flow like magic…

loving temporarily, loving in the wrong way, loving with reckless precision, loving with blindfolded eyes and senses…

a wordplay on love.

2 thoughts on “200th POST – A Wordplay on Love

  1. sabi nga sa kanta: “love is something that you give it away, give it a way, give it away…” di ko na alam ang kasunod.we cannot contain love. no matter how much we try to conceal it, it finds it’s own way of getting to that person whom you have such feelings for… makulet talaga ang Love. kaya siya nakakaaliw. at minsan nakakapikon. hehe.

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