Watched V for Vendetta last night, despite the nagging, ‘about to get sick’ feeling. I can’t believe that I missed this movie during it’s theater run.

This movie deserves praises. I’ll say that I can’t give more than enough praise for Hugo Weaving’s personalization of ‘V’, the eloquent anti-hero(? – saw this description in most sites) whose skills with the blade were smooth as the flowing poetry he mutters from time to time. Natalie Portman role as Evey shook me as well, playing the part of a seemingly damsel-in-distress at first then morphing into a strong, pivot character (not that she was a complete patsy at first.) I had to rewind some scenes, being the phonetically challenged man that I am, and that’s basically the only problem I have with English movies. It’s been said that this movies was one of the few that stayed faithful to it’s basis and of course knowing that makes me feel like grabbing a copy of the graphic novel. Overall, I’d give this movie a good five stars.

In the meantime, I have to find more graphic novel based movies – a lot of people have said Sin City was another great movie adaptation of the Frank Miller’s original and seeing V for Vendetta just inspired me to look for graphic novels with pretty much similar themes.

Too bad that The Sandman movie never left the ground.


  1. lol..thats too bad.i must agree but i think at some point someone will have a figuratively nice script involving the will be so delicious to have them on screen eh.i root for death with a passion and but of course, death and delirium..hahaa ” the furies” and ” lucifer”.its awesome 🙂

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