for the longest time, i’ve drowned my faith in worldly pleasures and excesses, thinking that these are the ways to silence the questions that have been there in my soul. i guess fate and the Creator had other things in store.

this past week had been a heavily charged one, particularly in the emotional aspect. our world, once still, and calm, was stirred by certain revelations and suddenly, it felt like being ripped apart at the seams. it was one of the few times that we’ve treaded rough waters as our seas were rarely rippled by waves. this time, it was a big enough wave to cause a gentle rocking of the boat.

then, He moved his hand masterfully to guide us in going through rough times. to our surprise, really. He timed it perfectly. He chose the right channel, and despite this writer’s hesitance to shun vagueness, he explained and stressed the points clearly. before the night’s end, i believe we were enlightened, and after a few more unavoidable bumps and movements of the boat (and really unbelievably ‘arte’ people riding along), we were able to reach the shore and touch the familiar grains of sand. home.

and i can only marvel at how it all unravelled tonight. in tears, i am humbled, and grateful. not just to Him. you can do the math 😉

after a night like this, how can i not believe?

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  1. i agree that it was quite ANOTHER night of revelations, door opened by God Himself through a person we both trust, respect and treasure (and someone to laugh with considering all his theatrics). i still am amazed by it, and like you, humbled by it. it’s true…trials are really temporary, and though we tend to overdramatize things (if we compare it to others’ strifes, it is overdramatized), the important thing is we are reminded and englightened enough to push forward in working through a ‘test’ together.and i think we ‘passed’, at least the first major hurdle, and i’m confident that we’ll overcome this as stronger individuals and better friends (best na nga, may better pa)…looking back at what happened, maybe it is planned for those things to take place…basta i’m grateful for Him, him (si teacher) and you for you friend and God blessi’ll keep my promise, no worriessigning out–

  2. 🙂 speechless.i can’t agree with you more. you said it all na, in the ways i could have done so myself in the blog post…you can count on me on my end, on my promise as well and oh well, you know 🙂

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