Up or Down? Your move.


Parked Car



Just felt like taking photos of all sorts of stuff. There’s not much to shoot around here, and to go somewhere worth taking nice pictures means a pretty long walk.

Not much in my mind today. Well, there are still thoughts in my head that won’t go away but I don’t worry too much about them anymore. Feels like they’ve took up permament residence in my mind.

That’s it for now, blog. Can’t think much. Eyes falling. Knees weak.

Must sleep earlier. Tomorrow’s a big day.

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  1. @trina – hehehe was my old blog/internet identity, just wanted to pull something different on you kaya ayun, palit lang ng nick :p salamat for the kind comments, hopefully ill make better photos with a new camera that i’m saving up for 🙂@van – yes, yes i so agree that’s why i composed that photo. though inanimate objects tell no stories, this kind of setting seems to do so…

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