The winds blew away the cold winter that had set in at a very private corner of my heart. Slowly, the icy surface cracked and thawed, and soon drops of water came washing that place clean, carrying with it much of pain I stored for the hotter days, so there would be at least something to let go when this precise moment came. The clouds broke, and the prodigal sun finally returns – the intense light and warmth completely pushing away a long period of coldness.

I felt it and I knew that it would be foolish not to bask in the sunshine after spending so much time in that self-imposed, broken winter. After all, I had welcomed that with open arms, dancing in the cold breeze, slipping in the ice and sliding in the snow. How could one not welcome the return of the light with as much vigor and joy? How could one not rejoice in a change of seasons? So I breathed and exhaled the warm air, let the fiery kisses of the sun touch my cheek, and let the light of her naked eye sear my skin.

So, as the seasons change in reality, it turns from one season to another in that private place in my heart, where seasons have changed so much. Indeed, the change in weather is something that we do curse at times, but I am glad to welcome it this time with open arms. I can see the storms still brewing in the horizon, but they are yet too far away for me to worry about.

After a long, cold, self-generated, soul-breaking winter, I believe I’ve earned to enjoy this borrowed summer. And I am still feeling the soothing heat of its’ first day after being frozen and broken for so long…



I kissed a dream in her lips,
With my hands firmly on her hips.
I kissed a dream longingly,
Firm, gentle but passionately.

The dream kissed back with her lips.
With her hands firmly on my cheeks.
The dream kissed back longingly,
Soft, lingering but fiery.

I kissed a dream in her cheek,
Her touch and affection I seek.
The dream whispered her love,
In response to the love I have.

And then, I slowly realize…

I am no longer in a dream.

3 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. Inspired by yours…Rhyme..ugh I feel elementary…quite sappy———————Not a dream I weave on your lipsFeel my fingers move from your brow to your cheekThe trail of love it whispers against your skinDo not know where it ends, nor where it beginsMy Heart, close your eyes and feelI ask you not to doubt my touch for it is as real As what I feel for you, though late realizedBut please believe it is not a lieI kissed your lips gently, firmly, lovinglyStolen a taste of things to comeWith a whispered lick, a nip…Your tightened grip making me come undoneSliding a hand up your napeCradling your head, leaning inTo kiss you and whisper the words ‘My Love, let me in…’You wrapped your arms around meI answered back, just as strongIn your arms I feel warm, safeIn your arms is where I belong…But our situation is not that simpleFates tend to play a cruel gameOur time is short, I knowBut I’m happy for what we’ve gainedNot a dream I weave on your lipsFeel my fingers move from your brow to your cheekThe trail of love it whispers against your skinDo not know where it ends, nor where it beginsJust don’t forget, please believe…

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