LAST SONG SYNDROME plus a few babbles

I love this song, sound wise and a bit lyrically. Cleoplayer version to come soon after 🙂


The World Is Our Playground and We Will Always Be Home
Up Dharma Down

you are my sunshine
and my occassional rain
we become divine
after every pain

*so please, won’t you
sit this through
because everyday
will find reasons to stay
if words are too few
to keep horizons in view
will you go
or stay and grow

standing on the edge
between crazy and sense
remember what i said
nothing has to end

won’t you think it over
i’m not so good with words
i don’t think you heard me
if words are too few
to keep horizons in view
will you go
or stay and grow

i swear, i belong, this is where i belong…


Seen at the McDonald’s at Park Square 2 Terminal:

“Sorry, We’re CLOSE.”


Has anyone tried e-aji dip snacks?

For 15.00, you’ve got chips and dip. Nice variants of available dips and chips, but I’ll have to say that the Nachos and Salsa, Nachos and Cheesy Garlic Dip and Nachos and BBQ Mayo Dip are the best ones to have.

Perfect for those beer drinking sessions that I don’t do much anymore.


Over a month and a half of dieting and I’ve lost almost 15 pounds.

Wow. I’ve done that? What’s my secret? Strategic eating – frequent eating but in smaller amounts. Less food intake at night, especially rice. Declining to really strong temptations to eat. Lesser taking in left over food from friends (one of my favorite things to do for them). Goodbye to sodas. Hello juices. Goodbye to too much beer. If I want a buzz, I’d better get something more strong but less filling (no, not Strong Ice or Red Horse! Hard alcohol! :p). Add family and personal crises to that and you’ll lose a lot of weight in no time.

Every now and then I cheat though. Nothing wrong with occassional spoiling. There’s no fun in losing all that weight to enjoy a little bit on the food every now and then.

I think I would’ve lost more if I exercised a bit.

Now, what form of exercise should I do, that’s a question that’ll be a bit tough to answer…

Babble, babble, babble…

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