Just thinking aloud…

– One item off my wish list. Thanks to a very dear and beloved friend. I am grateful for it and the words that were inscribed on sheet of a paper towel and the brown paper bag. Moreover, I am grateful for what it stood for, something that words cannot describe. I’m pretty sure my surprise and astonishment said it all. Can’t wait for another two years for the next surprise :p

– Still no words for a recent song that I’ve put together. This one I will not submit to my bandmates for consideration, but maybe they’ll do me a favor by playing it one time. It’s a personal song that I’ve written as a present, but hopefully the words will come and flow naturally. I’m not forcing it, but am praying that they do come sooner than later.

– Recent weather has been so unpredictable. Dark clouds gather and deliver the message of an impending downpour, only to pass and let the sun batter the streets with heat and light. Then, the clouds break minutes later, letting the rain wash the ground, bringing forth heat. No wonder a lot of people get sniffles and stuff.

– I miss walking painlessly. So much time available, but lacking the sense to use it wisely. I want to do too much, yet I decide pathetically to sit on my ass and laze around. I hope I can get this thing checked out.

– I want to get over watching movies alone. I should really do it.

– When faced with reality, it’s amazing how the last thing you want to be is to be realistic. Pero kelangan eh. Go figure.

– I find some peace in one song playing over and over. Wait. I’ve thought that thought so many times. Ugh. I’m getting boring or forgetful or to be like someone I know, difference is, he does that when he’s telling stories. Paulit-ulit. Curious about that person? Sorry, but I’m not naming names, not while I’m on the Internet, knowing that there is such a thing as Google. Ay, wait. Parang ganun pala din ako. My bad.

– I miss pigging out. Blame vanity and dieting.

– I miss getting uber buzzed. Again, blame vanity and dieting.

– Why am I in such a hurry to get over with life? I don’t know. All I know is the clock is ticking and that one day, it’ll stop and… game over.

– I am hungry. Again, blame vanity, dieting and this time, my lazy ass from trying to forage for food.

– I’m not making much sense here.

– Yet, this post keeps on going. Like it has a life of its own. Stop it! Darn fingers, they won’t listen to me.

– My thumb became so sore yesterday for a reason that eludes me. It spent much time being pressed to an ice cube just to numb me from feeling the pain, but to no avail. Thank God for not making it ache so much today.

– If I was a Dilbert character, I would be “The Topper”. Don’t know why. Sometimes, I am just like that. Not the best trait, I know.

– Finally, I’ve gotten my statement for a shirt – “Perfectly Imperfect”

– It’s so cold. Never had a night (more like early morning/dawn) like this in a long time.

– Ang galing ng boses ni Armi ng Up Dharma Down.

– I’m still wishing and hoping that I can jam with Hannah Romawac of Session Road one day.

– I need a long vacation. But I can’t have that right now, or in the near future.

– Hay nako. Itulog mo na lang yan.

– Tch. Antukin ka naman, tol.

– Ang galing ng “The Way of The Shepherd”! Thanks to our teacher for that great gift of a book.

– Ano pa ba laman ng utak ko?

– Ah, yosi!

– Game. Seriously. Tama na ito. Kahibangan na ito kung may susunod pa.

– Bwiset. Tama nga ang hinala ko.

– Ubusin ko lang yosi, sayang naman kung papatayin ko agad.

– Sana naman… (kung alam nyo ang lyrics, sabayan nyo ako sa next line pero tahimik lang ha…)

– Baliw. Pati pala utak ko, pala-utot.

– Ewan.


Time to force myself to sleep.

5 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. ‘- Baliw. Pati pala utak ko, pala-utot ‘hahaha =) now that’s what i call random thoughts! i’m sure hindi ka pa nakatulog kagad ano hehe

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