It was a rainy night.

Ever since the overpasses with escalators were put up in the intersection near our village, I always made it a point to use it, whether the escalators were on or off. I’d hate to see all those taxes go to waste and break the law unnecessarily. But yeah, I’ve done that, so maybe it’s just to make up for all those law-breaking I’ve previously done.

Syempre, I digress. So me.

It was around 10 or past it, I don’t remember really what time it was, actually. The rains were beginning to fall harder. Streetlights told me how hard the rain was falling, as did the sound of drops hitting the earth. The tiles were slippery, forcing me to slow down my pace. I was thinking about things, about the day and I sure didn’t want to slip and fall on my ass, knowing that will certainly throw off the thoughts from my head.

Again, pardon my sidebar-ing tendencies.

At the foot of the overpass, I saw two little girls selling sampaguita. They were taking cover from the downpour and started offering anyone alighting the escalators garlands to take home. My best guess would say one of them is around 9 or 10 while the other could be three or four. When I got to where they were, she raised up her garlands at me, imploring me to take all of them so she could go home. I looked at the little one, who was starting to shiver from the cold weather and was raising her garlands as well as high up as she can. I pulled the first bill I could touch from my pocket and handed it over to the older of the two girls and told her, ‘uwi na kayo, umuulan, baka magkasakit pa kayo’, then handed the bill to her. She had this surprised look on her face and was dumbfounded when she saw what I had given her.

So I walked away, on to getting home and getting a rest from the days worries when I felt the urge to look back. When I did, the big girl was carrying the little one, both wearing wide and grateful smiles, the little one waving goodbye, and I was pretty sure I heard two voices muttering their thanks.

I can’t help everyone, I know that. But it’s nicer to know that you do what you can, when you can.

4 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. One day, I saw a little girl on the road, hungry and shivering from the cold. I asked God how He could allow such thing to happen, and if there’s nothing He would do about it. God said, ‘I certainly did, I sent you.’^_^ — a friend sent me this SMS about 2 or 3 years ago. isn’t it true… i believe that we only have two main purposes in this life. One is to go back to God, and the second is to help humanity and each other.

  2. those girls will now have a warm story to tell their children; happened on a rainy night when not every body is “cold” afterall…way to go… jdu!

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