“Come here”, you whisper.

I find myself powerless, only willing to step closer and let you pull my face close to yours, my eyes closing as they anticipate the crashing torrents of my emotions, let our lips clasp and softly clinch, each movement almost instinctive and spontaneous.

My heart starts beating rapidly, and I can feel myself flush and wonder at the magic that your sweet kiss brings, how it makes me feel lost and found at the same time, how it makes me spin and tumble inside, and how it makes the next thoughts now and later.

Soon, our hands join and entwine, gripping each other gently in one moment, and like holding on for dear life in another. They part afterwards, seeking other pastures that the body offers, restless – wandering from place to place, finding the softness that seeks soothing with its touch, moving on when it has sated the longing for touch.

The lips part. The bodies step away from one another.

“I need to breathe”, you say.

I am reduced to silence and watching you move and watching you take your breath, the air that fills you. I watch the parting of your lips to let in the air, how your body tenses and relaxes as you breathe in, your chest and abdomen rise and fall.

In watching, I am reduced to being breathless.

You let your hair down, with that look in your eyes watching that look in my eyes. We both then turned our heads slightly, looking towards the bed, already knowing what was going to happen next…


I can’t believe I just partly fantasized here…

Oh, well. I just needed to release things. I just needed to write something else, something not work. I just needed to write something I want. About something I want. Something.

I just needed to write.


Darn. There’s no song for what exactly what I’m feeling right now. That means only I can make a song like that.

Now if only my memory and my heart can remember this exact moment and feeling…

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