Fucking Firefox crashed on me in the middle of what seemed to be an amazingly inspired blog post.

Never again will I post on this blog using this crappy browser. This will be the last.


Attempted Recovery

Because I sincerely believe that the lost blog post due to Firefox crash was a truly brilliant piece of crap, I will attempt to write it from recollection of what I had written. I highly doubt that I can churn out the same amount of brilliant asininity (thank you to my dear best friend for introducing me to the word and thus making me sound more word powerful), but please do try to appreciate the effort of recollection from my highly volatile memory.


It’s human nature for blog readers to stop reading a blog that they frequent once they have taken notice that the writer has more often than not put up the “Sorry, we’re closed.” sign. However, it’s also human nature for a blog writer to think twice about exerting their fingers, minds and writing prowess for absolutely zero readership (okay, okay, so it’s probably just me who’s doing it for the hits or the readership, but please do admit, my fellow bloggers, that you did go through this phase at one point or another). It’s kind of a mobius strip of sorts: no writer, readers go away. no readers, writer saves the effort for another day. New readers will come along every now and then, but basically most judge the blog or the blogger by its’ most recent posts, and if you happen to recently write about cryptical things, dreams and totally asinine topics (thanks to my dear best friend for beefing up my amazingly shallow vocabulary), new readers will most likely stay away from the rest of your pages and archives, thinking that you are incapable of worthwhile reading time and off goes the new reader for hot, juicy, sensual internet blogs that post very graphic and descriptive sexual encounters (sexual preference not included).

I know, I’m babbling nonsense here. But please, indulge me.

I’m not talking to anyone particular. I’m just talking. And boy, I like to talk. I have no points. I just try and use words and be creative. I don’t really know what I’m talking about or what I am saying really, but yeah, I’ve said this before, I open my mouth most of the time to make sounds, really dull and corny jokes, or to say things that I don’t really mean to say because I do have that tendency – foot in mouth disease.

Wait a minute. That wasn’t in the original post I’m trying to recall. What the…

Anyway, it’s obvious that I can’t seem to remember anymore. I can only blame my highly volatile memory for that, caused mainly by having a brain the size of a small pea, not even covered by a crunchy surface. Less brain real estate, less memory? I think insanity is more like it.


Clock-watching mode. Nothing much on the work end. Just reading on Ruby On Rails, being geeky, being me.

5 thoughts on “UNUPDATED

  1. “no writer, readers go away. no readers, writer saves the effort for another day.”— i should make one of these signs.Ü okay lang yan, kuya. we all have our days. yun lang yun.

  2. pasingit din =) well, i’m more of ‘may writer, but reader doesn’t read’ =) havent had time to blog hop much these last month/s but when i do hop, isa si jDu sa mga stops. i really enjoy reading your posts =)

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