For this entry, I will be shamelessly plugging an article of mine published for the magazine you see. Yes, I was tasked to write a “shootout” between three 2-megapixel camera phones currently available in the market. Nothing really spectacular about what I wrote, I guess this entry is a sort of the internet equivalent of ‘beaming with pride’.

The magazine hit the stands just last week, and it is priced at Ph.P 175. If you’re someone who’s been bitten by the photography bug and you want to learn more about it, get a copy of the magazine, it’s got a lot of neat stuff fit for budding snapshooters. You get reviews of hardware and tips how to find good buys, as well as some photography tips and Photoshop tips from the pros themselves! Also, the magazine boasts of a section that features photographs from some inspired photographers that surely took my breath away.

Thanks to Rheea for giving me the honor to write for this magazine that she helped put together and to my friends who lent me their precious hardware to review and use for the article.

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