A FOOD POST (without photos – sad!)

Tagaytay Econo Inn Diner

If you happen to be in Tagaytay City, and you feel that most of the food places you’re thinking about going to are the same usual food places you find in Manila, give the Tagaytay Econo Inn Diner a chance. This restaurant is conveniently accessible coming from the Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay Road, just right behind the stoplight at the intersection. Located right behind the inn’s reception desk, the TEI Diner offers a nice view of the Taal Volcano marred only by the windows, but the seats and tables give you a mix of a diner and small town restaurant feel. Not much crowds to jostle with, maybe a hint of a bit of difficulty in finding a parking spot, especially if the inn happens to be fully booked.

After going through the menu and pondering what would be the safest thing to order, we decided on getting the Cajun Chicken on Pasta and the Roast Herb Chicken. Chicken rarely goes wrong with me, being a chicken lover since God knows when. The dishes were served within 15 minutes, fast enough considering the other places to go to in the city might take longer especially during peak hours. Piping hot, we waited a bit more for the food to be cool enough to enjoy and man, did we enjoy them.

The Roast Herb Chicken particularly got my nod, and I was quite surprised how this choice turned out to be a good one. It went well with barbecue sauce and butter. The herb flavors were spot on and the chicken absorbed them perfectly, complementing its tender texture. The Cajun Chicken on Pasta was good enough, the serving size was worth its’ price but however, I did not find it as excellently wonderful as the other dish. Ask for more cheese, sprinkle them all over and it’ll help you enjoy and appreciate this dish more. At least, that’s what I suggest. I would’ve loved to show everyone how they plated the dishes, but I already gave up my trusty IXUS 30 the week before, leaving me with nothing to shoot the food with.

Of course, there’s dessert after such a hearty meal. The house Apple Pie is one of the best I’ve ever tasted. It’s soft and sweet enough to the taste buds, not too much to make you lose interest after a number of bites. I think they should put in a bit more apples though, but that’s just me.

All that, plus a couple of drinks, the bill was more or less 500 pesos, which I’d say was a fair enough price considering the serving size, the taste and the quality of the food served. If you’re willing to spend 500 bucks for two dishes, drinks and desserts, I’d say you won’t regret spending it on what we had.

You can contact Tagaytay Econo Inn for reservations or inquiries at (02) 5298176

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