Going Domestic?

When I watch brilliant people whip up appetizing recipes on TV, the first thing that pops in my mind is “Hey, I can do that too!”

Unfortunately, my poor short term memory makes me forget how it’s all done after watching, and my lazy-ass tendencies are a sorry excuse for not taking down any notes, and when I do try, it normally ends up in tears (from chopping onions? nah. from the pain of doing my best to keep down what I’ve just cooked. I think it’s the one thing that’s my own that I can’t love… yet)

But this guy has to start somewhere.

Inspired by my friends Inna and Ann’s successes at making simple but great tasting pizzas, I decided to try making my own. The first one was a very simple pizza, basil on Del Monte Italian-style pizza sauce which I majorly overcooked and left me and my mom with a bit of a bitter taste in the mouth (and a bit of a painful palette, the crust got way too crispy). I christen it “The Burn Victim Pizza” because it looks like a burn victim’s skin just like I saw when I watched an episode of House, MD.

Left: The Chicken Chunks pizza. Right: Grilled Basil on Grilled Pizza Crust (aka The Burn Victim Pizza)

The second was way more successful – chicken chunks with chopped basil on Bravo’s Tomato Garlic dip. The crust was more carefully heated this time and I was highly satisfied with the results. I can’t think of name yet, so if you want to name it, feel free to come up with suggestions 🙂

Up Close: Chicken Chunks on Bravo Tomato Garlic Dip with Chopped Basil Leaves

Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet with making pizza, I’m thinking I should start moving on to the next level – what I would probably call the “Get Out of Bed Breakfast Plate”.

Yep, this guy’s going domestic – ironing, washing machine, busboying and DJ-ing the plates – the whole nine yards!

Let you all know how that turns out 🙂



Whatever happens will be.
Only yours.
Always with me.
The last.
Not too soon,
Not too late.
Should’ve been on time.
Fighting fate.
Breathing you.
Why are you so beautiful?
You do, You do, You make me…
Want you.
A light always on,
A beacon till the end,
When there’s no one at your home.
A welcome mat spread,
Love till a man’s dead.
With or without being wed.
Goodbye, Northern Stars.
Hello, Road.
No matter how broken,
Or beaten.
Whatever happens will be.
Still, with love.
Never, without it.
Always yours.

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