It’s almost Christmas.

Well, not really almost. There’s about a month to go before the day itself. But I guess, ever since radio and TV and everyone started a countdown to Christmas Day, it might as well be almost Christmas.

This year, it will really be different for me. Entirely different from, hmm, let’s see – last year, the previous one and all the other Christmases spent. This year, one of my most special dreams has just been fulfilled, and hopefully, all my other Christmases will be as special as this one as well.

Why? Because the last few Christmases in my life, I have pondered what has been God’s gift to me. This past year, though it has been quite a turbulent year in my life with so many changes, ups and downs, challenges, tough decisions and situations to deal with, I have realized that God has given me so many gifts all throughout these years, and I have simply chosen not to realize or see it that way. He has gifted me with the opportunity to expand my horizons as a professional, gifted me with wisdom to choose for myself among the many things to do with my life, surround me with people filled with love, friendship, loyalty and patience and opportunities to better myself and my current situation in my life.

It has been my dream to be in the situation that I am now, armed with enough talent to tackle the challenges of my new job, experience to know what to do and what not to do when troubles get in my way, love so openly to make the people dearest to me feel that they too are blessed by Him in their lives and fill them with patience to allow me to make my mistakes and make up for my imperfections, to give me numerous chances to show how capable I really am of making the most of my borrowed time on this earth.

With that gift from above, I know that this Christmas will be the most special – it is the Christmas that I start my life as I want it to be somewhat, with me doing with what is given to me to take it to directions that I could be meant to go.

And for the person who has been helping and inspiring me and patiently motivating me to do this not just for me but for the numerous possibilities, I have nothing but praise and thanks and admiration and love for bringing me this welcome change to my life. I won’t say that I’ve finally grown up, and what I will do say is that I’m still growing, that it is indeed still tough as nails, but having you here to guide and help and patiently grow with me is one of the best gifts that anyone has ever given to me, if not the very best of all.

Gift giving has been early this year, so this gift, even if of just expressed words and thoughts, I hope would be something that will be appreciated by the most dearest of people in my life.

Thank you so much. You know who you are.

3 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. teka, teka… kinilig ako. hihihihi! Ü

    am truly happy for you, JD inxs. Ü

    when i think of it, i get amazed at the thought that no matter how events get all mixed up, fate would always interfere, making things whole lot better and just the way they’re supposed to be. some things are really meant to happen… the universe did conspire. Ü praying for IT! nawa’y tuloy-tuloy na.

  2. JD inxs ka jan hahaha :p am not even close to the sexiness of that man hahaha. thank you though trina for the wonderful things said at sa walang sawang pagbasa sa nagiging uberly boring blog ko hahaha! :p

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