Last Christmas…

It was warm climate-wise, but my heart was definitely in the cold.

It was one of the Christmases that I didn’t receive a gift, except for those non-personal presents (given by the boss, from the kris kringle, Christmas Party, etc.)

I had no special someone.

I wasn’t too ecstatic about the Christmas season.

I didn’t have enough money. I had just bought my guitar so I was practically broke.

I had no hair.

I didn’t go to Christmas Mass.

I didn’t even try for the Simbang Gabi.

I got drunk at every Christmas party I attended.

My Christmas miracle wish for this girl to fall for me.

I had no patience shopping for gifts, I gave mostly money.

I ate so much. This year could be much different.

I felt so alone, even in the midst of other people.

I didn’t know where my life was going.

I didn’t get to give her a present. This year, I’m making up for it, and all the other years that she wasn’t on this time of year’s list.

I looked at the sky just before midnight, waiting for that star to shine, to point me to the direction that I needed to go on in my life. It did not shine that night, but finding the star to lead one to the right way, to where we need to go doesn’t end after Christmas.


This year could be different, though.

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