Watch out Tony. Gibbs is about to show you the love.

This is one of the shows that taught me to not judge a series by its first three episodes. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (the series, not the department) or simply N.C.I.S is one of the shows I’m currently digging because of so many things – if you’re the type who digs investigative series, medical/forensic themes and plots, military/federal setting, talk/wit-based comedy and cast-chemistry focused shows, you’ll like this show.

A word of advice though is don’t give up on it after the first few episodes. It’s the kind of series that didn’t start explosively or impressively. Instead, it built up cast chemistry and the interest level progressively as the series wore on, and by the fifth episode, it became a highly entertaining show not only for the witty exchange of dialogue between the cast, but also for the intruiging, albeit unspectacular cases that they work on.

Of course, there are some lows case-wise on some episodes, but what I can guarantee is that you’ll get a kick out of how the characters work with one another.

Mark Harmon plays Jethro Gibbs, a former Marine turned NCIS agent. Firm, authoritative but hardly a boring character, Gibbs has had three marriages, uncompromising run-ins and stand-offs with the FBI, CIA, Navy and Marine brass to accomplish his job’s main goal – uncover the truth behind every crime within his jurisdiction.

Tony, Ducky, Abby, Gibbs, McGee and Kate

He is supported by a talented cast who play members of his NCIS team – Sasha Alexander plays Kate Todd, a former Secret Service Agent on Air Force One and a very talented profiler and artist; Michael Weatherly plays Tony DiNozzo, former police officer, your usual funny guy with an eye for the female form; Pauley Perette plays Abby Sciuto, a young Goth who does all, and I mean ALL the lab work; and David McCallum plays “Ducky” Mallard, their coroner who always has a story to tell, but seemingly no one is interested in listening to (poor guy).

Anyway, it’s a really great show to watch and I’m pretty sure that this will occupy your list of series to go on a marathon and couch the weekend away.

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