Chiles posted the soundtrack of his life over his blog. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to see how my iTunes shuffle mode would decide what the soundtrack of my life would look like.

Opening Credits: 32 Flavors – Alana Davis
Waking Up:
Superman – Five for Fighting
First Day of School:
It’s Over Now -Neve
Falling in Love:
Five Candles – Jars of Clay
Fight Song:
Every Little Thing – Dishwalla
Breaking Up:
So Long Sweet Summer – Dashboard Confessionals
Glory Box – Portishead
Life’s just OK:
Good – Better Than Ezra
Mental Breakdown:
I Could Not Ask for More – Edwin McCain
Beautiful Life – Edwin McCain
Cherry Lips – Garbage
Getting Back Together:
My Own Worst Enemy – Lit
Birth of Child:
Beautiful – Flickerstick
Worlds Collide – Plumb
Finale Battle:
Shiny Red Balloon – Barbie’s Cradle
Death Scene:
Counting Blue Cars – Dishwalla
Funeral Song:
I Think God Can Explain – Splender
End Credits:
I Miss You – Incubus

Conclusion: iTunes doesn’t know my life that much.

See? Nothing really interesting.

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