After movie hang outs is almost always a given after watching a film.

It was a fun movie night with friends watching 300. Inna, Pao, Sophie, Chie, Ann and I exchanged quips during and after the movie. Xerxes reminded them of our former boss who always liked to put a hand on my shoulder and kept teasing me about it, leaving me shuddering at the thought. All I noticed about him was he reminded me more of Dhalsim from Street Fighter rather than a Persian emperor. I was actually waiting for his arms and legs to stretch 😛

Of course, we watched Master Chie as the steamy scenes came on, watching his smile widen and eyes glisten. I’m pretty sure he enjoyed all that and made sure we noticed and heard his quips about it.

Dinner at Teriyaki Boy after the seeing the film (all the blood spill made us hungry, but not for dinuguan though) was cozy, indulging in food, banter, talk and teasing. There was a bit of playing the “Find the Teriyaki Boy in the placemat” game, and we all concluded that yes, there were 12, including those not in the drawing.

I miss having a camera for times like these. A photo would have been good in taking everyone with their moments – Pao with his busog look, Inna digging in on her order, Sophie with her “salubong kilay” stare down and Ann with what I call her “food pout”.

Wrap the night up with serious conversation on the drive home with Inna, Ann and Sophie, and all that happening just reminds me why I love spending time with them.

Most of all, I had just had the most wonderful day with my sweetest one. She just made me feel loved and cared for all day long and I treasure and thank God for days like these, for making me feel loved and cared for.

I love you B!

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