Outside, the lights flicker and fade, the darkness turns to a shade of dark blue.

A new day begins.

Here, I lie awake, wondering what you are dreaming of. Do you see me in your dreams? Are they good dreams? Are you covered by your blanket enough to keep you warm? Is there someone to jolt you awake should your shallow breaths turn into a light snore, to move your head in a more appropriate resting position?

Flooded with thoughts, I fall asleep and dream of you.

I may miss the turning of night to day.

It doesn’t matter now. The beautiful thing that is seeing you would mean much more to me, even if only it is in my dreams.

– Night Shift Dreaming by JD


Hiro is my HERO.

A human DeLorean sans the flux capacitor. He may have the least interesting power in the new TV series Heroes, but surely his wit and his innocence has attracted a following among the show’s fans. Hiro, upon learning of his ability to bend space and time, goes off into a quest to save the world after transporting himself into the future accidentally and discovers his adventures-to-be written in a comic book.

I just find him funny, perfect for the role of a hard core super hero fan turned super hero and maintaining a humorous persona despite all of the changes and challenges that he has gone through so far.

Sure, the others have much more useful and appealing powers. But I’m for Hiro to be THE HERO.

3 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. wow, i miss this place… 🙂hellyeah, heroes! i so wish i can bend time like Hiro or heal like that cheerleader chick (wow i sound tibo hehehe).it’s still so comfy just being here. hamishu! 🙂

  2. @skinny: most of my co-heroes followers find peter’s absorbing powers most interesting if not clare’s wolverine syndrome. but i don’t share that opinion. i’m all for hiro’s back to the future powers 🙂@tweena: hey you! thanks for reading by :p this place is slowly dying, thanks for somewhat keeping it alive 🙂

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