“Take Someone.
Spend. Share. Enjoy.” – Me 🙂

Before the Mall of Asia opened its doors late last year to the public, one of the places where most decisions were most probably most difficult to make was in this row of restaurants sitting side by side in the Concourse Level of the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell. A great mix of fast food, specialty and themed dining places all thrown together into one floor, a dream land of sorts for any food lover. If the fun is in making the decisions, then this place packs a lot of it.

But now that MOA is lined with nearly half a kilometer (I don’t really know, but walking the restaurant row seems like miles and miles of food options) of nearly equally good restaurants, the Power Plant still gives me and my Beautiful One a major reason to visit:

Cucina Victoria. She introduced me to the place and I fell in love with it on the first bite. The menu offerings are quite pricey, ranging from P195 – P295 and higher but you’ll get what you pay for – big, generous portions of pork/fish/chicken, sauces, and pasta/rice. Definitely two can share on one serving, but why get just one serving of something delicious? I believe a dining experience for two, especially a couple, is best when sharing two selections from their offerings, eat half a serving, then swap plates, while sipping green mango shake (you’ll really shake drinking this one) off one glass with two straws and exchanging “ooohs” and “ahhhs” of heavenly, sinful food pleasure.

Pork Medallions in Pomodoro Sauce (sorry, still no photos. I would post some if I had a camera. Maybe a generous soul out there would bless me with a nice camera? Kidding) is one of my favorites. Pork cutlets fried to a golden crisp topped by their fragrant and equally flavorful Pomodoro sauce. This sent my mind into a frenzy as the flavors merged and registered. The Beautiful One watched with a satisfied smile as I savored every bite and at my reluctance to give up the half plate that we promised one another.

Crispy Fish Fillets with Funghi receives a big rave from me. Cucina’s own funghi sauce (mushrooms, capers, olive oil and sun-dried tomatoes) generously covers four crispy fried fish fillets and an array of flavors will instantly make you close your eyes and go “mmmm” in delight. The sauce complements the fish flavors well and the scents will instantly make you want to take that first bite. The fish fillets were fried to perfection and the textures of the crunchy exterior complemented the soft mushrooms to a tee.

Vongole Bianco is the delicious pasta dish that my Beautiful One had. After switching plates, I had to muster all the control in my body to keep myself from over eating (I already had half the crispy fish fillets and a number of sips of shake). Clams generously adorn the dish and it’s distinct flavor blends well with the sauce. This was our ‘risk’ dish as neither of us had tried it before but it turned to be something ‘unrisky’ after all, showcasing the places’ wide variety of options besides its’ customers’ favorites.

Chicken a la Victoria instantly made one of my all-time favorite chicken dishes list (which seems to be made up of anything chicken). Breaded fried chicken fillets topped with Cucina’s Pomodoro sauce and thick mozzarella cheese. A pleasure. By the time you taste this dish, you’ll be sure to grab a jar of their Pomodoro sauce home and try making some of their dishes yourself, and even play around with recipes that would go well around their sauce.

I would have loved to review more of their dishes, but sadly, my rickety old memory just won’t work but I would come up with a part two for this, and hopefully armed with a camera to provide photos.

If you have money to spend and you love to spend it for food, take someone dear with you and try what Cucina Victoria has to offer. I did, we both enjoyed it and the money spent was worth the experience.


Cucina Victoria
Concourse Level, Power Plant Mall
Phone: 898-1403/898-1098

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