Apartment 1B

Food reviews are always either a hit or a miss.

Believe me, I’d agree with them other reviews if I really had the same experience that they did, but unfortunately, I wouldn’t in this case.

When they charge you so much for an appetizer and two entrees, good doesn’t cut it.

My beautiful one and I tried out Apartment 1B’s pricey offerings, particularly the Crab Cakes, Meat Loaf and Prawns with Crab Fat pasta. As the place brimmed and buzzed with guests, our excitement built up, hoping that the comfort food high and the rave reviews would give us relief from the pains and stresses of the work week had brought us.

The food was good. The scent, the presentation and the service were all good. But when it came down to the taste, it was a bit of a let down.

First came the crab cakes – they seemed interesting (the shoestring potato covering it giving it a really appetizing appearance), along with the salad that came along with it but the cherry tomatoes were overripe, there was barely enough dressing and the lettuce wasn’t as crisp as we expected. The crab cakes themselves seemed to taste of only crab meat and deep fried flour, without much character, somewhat like okoy but made with crab meat.

Quite a mediocre start for something priced at P280.

Then came the prawns, pasta and meat loaf. The prawns were good, but I realized the recipe wasn’t new to me – they taste exactly like my aunt’s roasted garlic butter prawns recipe, which we have at almost every family gathering! (The beautiful one and I tried cooking them once without much effort). Too much lemon killed the tasty crab fat in the pasta and left us sort of clueless as to what was really the character of the dish taste wise.

It definitely seemed not worth the P730 you’ll fork out with that kind of experience.

As for the meat loaf, again, it was good, but sadly, it struck me as ‘common’, having experienced this kind of cooking from a friend’s mom almost every week after a long day of band practice every Sunday. The gravy had a good herb taste to it, but for P340 I think there ought to be an extra helping or so readily available by default. The mashed potatoes seemed lacking in some pepper, a slight splash of milk and a dash of herbs for additional flavor.

My beautiful one and I were left full but really let down and unsatisfied. All that money we could have eaten heartily at CPK or Italianni’s. But yes, it was a risk and an adventure, like all food trips are, and you can’t always love them all, these restaurants.

Again, when it costs this much, nearly P1500 for three dishes (we only had house water), good food doesn’t really leave you with much choice but to pay attention in the details. You expect great food, and when you don’t get it, a blog post like this will definitely not agree with other people’s experiences.

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