God Spotting

There are a select few who inspires others to write something so every one of us seem to take for granted most of the time. Don’t we wonder why good things still happen to us, despite our ways that seem to take us far from His love and ways?

After reading rheea‘s post on God spotting, here’s where I’ve spotted God this week:

  • In my loved one and her loving that I experience every day of my life – the patience, perseverance, forgiveness, caring and concern she gives me. The extra time she puts in to make sure I have food for lunch and bread to accompany my morning coffee, and the touch to assure me that the day will be alright, her being there in both the joys and the pains, that life is beautiful not only for its wonders but also for its trials and what we learn from them and how we grow stronger in love and faith because of them.
  • In my mother who despite my insufferable moods and firmness in trying to keep everything in budget still provides me with ample care and guidance, as well as effort to keep my everyday life going in relative ease.
  • That I have what I need when I go to work for my keep – shelter, food, clothing, money to share when I can, and that in my years of commuting, I have been kept safe away from harm and evil, even when I travel late at night.
  • In friends who inspire me, believe in me and what I can do, who guide me and share their zest and their faith in God, for they help me realize that everything in this life is not from my own hands, but also of God’s will. In them I see Him working His ways, reminding me that faith is not a burden to our lives, but rather a way to help us ease our burden.

He is there, standing, watching, observing – waiting for me to reach for His hand. I have often resorted to pride in not taking it. But in the end, I will find myself hanging on to His hand, for I have seen that in His hand was the freedom to believe in what He has always been freely giving to us – the gift of faith.

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