Little Loves

Today’s Little Loves: Bites!

Me and my beautiful one’s simple and not-so-simple joys 🙂

His and hers sandwiches from Burger King: Hers – American X-tra Long Chicken Sandwich (Tomatoes, Cheese, Lettuce and lots of catsup!) His – French X-tra Long Chicken Sandwich (Cheese and Ham)

The new facelift, comfy chairs and modern settings just added a few more reasons why Burger King will always be a choice for us to find solace especially after a long day’s work. But of course, these twin sandwiches are a treat for anyone who loves chicken. Not bad for P135 in a value meal.

The Last Twister Fry: Yes, they’re back! It’s always a pleasant surprise to see the Twister Fries of Mc Donald’s return to its menu. This year’s comeback features a new 90-peso, taller boxed offering good for two people. Not missing a beat in its unique blend, the Twister Fries magic act of disappearing and reappearing in the menu keeps fries lovers always on the lookout for their return.

Today’s Not-So-Little Loves: Pricey but… great enough!

General’s Chicken from Recipes By Cafe Metro: After first tasting this dish at Cafe Metro in Megamall’s Megastrip, I immediately loved it. Tasting the crispy chicken fillets and eggplant slices soaked in sweet/spicy peanut glaze, which they claim as their secret recipe, makes me want to seek out and personally salute whoever that General is who concocted this wonderfully different dish.

Great White Pizza By Chef d’Angelo: Introduced to me by my sister a couple of years back during a get together, this pizza is the reason why I keep coming back to Chef d’Angelo – one of the few places I come back to for a non-chicken dish. Generously topped with mushrooms, cheese, and shrimps, all favorites of mine, combine to make a great tasting pizza you’ll want to have from time to time.

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