In 2007, I…

Proposed to the woman I love (!)
Smoked my last cigarette.
Helped three people get Starbucks Planners.
Gained back most of the 30 pounds I lost in 2006.
Sold my electric guitar, Scarlett.
Quit the band, and focused on work.
Cut back on my alcohol intake.
Lost cable and stopped watching F1 races.
Suddenly abandoned my blog.
Discovered a lot of new food places, tastes and scents.
Went out on the most number of dates in a year (with my fiancee, of course)
Set a new personal shopping record (but still no brown belt)
Set a new personal gift giving record.
Set a new savings record. (I actually have money I could call savings)
Got a driver’s license (after years of driving without one)
Got an insurance policy.
Got her an insurance policy.
Got a laptop, went on an upgrade binge, and sold my PC.
Got a new mobile phone (thank you Globe for the loyalty treat)
Nearly bought a second-hand car.
Nearly bought a brand new car.
Nearly bought a house (not with cash, but with through the HDMF)
Nearly went to the US.
Am still carless.
Ventured into small-time hog raising.
Did not have a major illness.
Made most of my software work.
Learned ASP.NET, VB.NET and MS-SQL.
Acquired more skill in MySQL.
Did some driving for Ann for a change (thank you, LTO).
Bonded deeply with Ann’s niece Cat-cat.
Shared faith with friends.
Didn’t get to go to the beach (see? it seems to be a once every three years thing for me)

Looking back, I suddenly see that there is a lot to be thankful for the year that was – so much gain and a little lost. I lost most of what I needed to take off of me – vices, some flaws in my thinking, approach and mindset (thanks to the help of my beautiful one, Ann, and our friends), but gained so much blessings that helped me achieve what I wanted – provide, perform and pray. It was a healthy balance that I am truly grateful for from our Creator up above and I sincerely pray that He may bless us more of the same for the coming year.

Happy new year to all!

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