Going Legal

Ever since I’ve acquired my beloved notebook, I’ve thought about going completely legal on the software side – I know, it’s quite a bit of an impossible deed in this age of technology where nearly every great software could just be pirated and cracked. So far, so good – I have been able to acquire freewares that allow me to be completely legal on the software side and without any licensing worries (GPL/Creative Commons/non-commercial/fair use).

So while waiting for my backups to finish, I managed to find freeware substitutes for the commercial software installed on my notebook whose evaluation copies were about to expire:

– PSPad over UltraEdit32
– OpenOffice 2.3 over Microsoft Office
– Thunderbird over Outlook
– AVG Free Edition over NOD32
– ALZip over WinRAR
– SQLyog Community Edition over SQLyog Enterprise

Now, I can say somewhat that my trusty old IBM ThinkPad T43 is completely legal in terms of hardware and software.

What’s next? Content?

Hmmm. That one’s a bigger challenge. Stay tuned.


Just glad and happy that my beautiful one has been discharged from the hospital that should not be named.

I’ll just call it the hospital with lamentable service, at least in Ann’s case.

The doctor showed up for rounds only on her second night in the hospital – I thought physicians got called about patients and shouldn’t waste any time in checking in on them? Anyway, I never got to meet the lady and I know it’s quite unfair to complain about her without airing her side but as far as I know, doctors are portrayed as selfless people who risk personal life and time to save lives.

Maybe I just got used to watching way too much medical dramas and series. So this matter is just a judgement call, not meant to demean the good doctor.

Then there’s the seemingly lack of maintenance. Normally, the hospital rooms are kept clean to prevent any other afflictions brought about by dirty surroundings.

Again, not in her case. No cleaning is done until the attention of cleaners are called or complaints are aired to nurses (not their forte but well, who else will do it? the patient?). The lacking concept here, I guess, is initiative.

Now, I know that the best practitioners of the medical profession have been leaving our country for greener pasture, but come on – even the best in cleaning up rooms and making up beds?

If this is the case in every hospital in Manila or in any other medical facility here, then I better start taking really good care of my health so I don’t waste a single peso paying for being treated as such.

Healthcare disasters are a reflection not of those people in the system, but those who run the system – and if this country is to progress, it’s one of the first systems that have to drastically change.

But I thank the people around who helped Ann get back to health – the nurses, doctors that attended to her and listened to her gripes, symptoms and complaints, who catered to her requests and whims.

After all, we can hack and slash away at the system all we want, but still be thankful to and for those who do their jobs.

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