I miss you when I walk the sun-lit streets.
We take almost the same path five out of seven days in a week.
Week in, week out. If not this way, the other.
Hand in hand, sometimes in silence, other times not.
I miss you as I walk this dimly-lit street.

I miss you when I take my meals.
Sharing late breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners.
Mostly satisfied and sated, occasionally dismayed.
We talk, and laugh over the blessing that is food.
I miss you as I take this meal.

I miss you when it’s time to say goodbye.
For the night, for the weekend, or for an extended holiday.
Making sure you’re safely home, at your door no matter what time.
The moments are special too right before we part.
I miss you because tonight I won’t say goodbye.

Wala lang. I know I’m rusty. But I guess it’s better to try and just keep writing. It’s exactly what I’ve been feeling lately while you’re resting at home and regaining your strength after you bout with your illness. Sometimes, I may seem too busy to think of words other than our usual fix but hey, I guess I found some time to do so! Like I said many times before, I’ll do my best to keep courting and dating you till our days are over, and I know you enjoy that feeling of constant dating 🙂


I missed writing. It feels great to post here, to just have some thoughts blurted out and to actually see something written on my blog. Like I’ve said before, I’m not writing for the readership. I write for the relief it brings to my often-clouded-in-(geek,future,love,food,game)-thought mind.


My Picks from 2007’s Food Adventures (Batch 1)

First Row (L-R): Extra Long Chicken Sandwiches from Burger King (French and American), Fish and Chips from Fish & Co., Pasta Telefono and Beef something from Cibo.

Second Row: Adobong Kangkong (with Fried Liempo) and General’s Chicken from Recipes by Cafe Metro, Chai Tea Latte and Blueberry Cheesecake from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and Corn Dogs from The Corn Dog Factory.

Third Row: Katsudon from Rai Rai Ken, Chicken Barbecue by my Auntie Minda, Green Mango Shake, Chicken ala Kiev and Norweigan Salmon from Conti’s.

Last Row: Oil and Garlic Special from Pizzeria Avenetto, Ribbit and Lazy Oaf from Kitchen and Half-Rack Baby Back Ribs from Racks.

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