I have viral conjunctivitis.

It’s contagious.

It’s commonly known as sore eyes.

It sucks.

Big time.

I have all this free time, and I can’t even use it for any of the following:

– organizing my mp3 collection (I follow a certain file naming convention – yes, i hear hisses of ‘oh see’ coming from those who are reading)
– writing posts
– a bit of coding
– a bit of work
– long IM sessions with Ann

The doctor limited my computer use to just 3 hours a day – MAX.

It’s like a geek death sentence. 3 hours might be as long as 3 days without any computer use.
The computer and the Internet makes days shorter and time seem faster (some tell time in terms of KB/s, but I’m not that geek yet).

Hence, just a short, breezing post.

It’s like you’re gonna die in 3 days – I’m making the most of my time with the computer.


2 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. ayus lang sa akin kahit walang exposure sa computer ng isang buong araw. Kahit isang linggo pa nga e, kaya. Pero sentence my boyfriend to this state you’re in, I think he won’t even make it up to 3 days.Mas puter geek ata yun sa iyo e. aheheheP.S.Sana gumaling agad ang mata mo 🙂

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