Christmas in February

My Beautiful One’s gift for me – a Nokia N95 8GB

My Beautiful One sure made my upcoming 29th birthday one for the record books – by giving me a gift I consider truly special, surprising and one of borne out of sacrifice.

Just a week back, she was informed that she had won in an online competition thru a phone call. I couldn’t help but overhear that there would be a small awarding ceremony for the winners so I knew right off the bat that it would be something big.

It was to my pleasant surprise to find out that she had won a Nokia N95.

Not long after she finished her call, she started ribbing me on the idea on that she’d give me the N95 for my birthday. While I welcomed the thought, I know that she deserved her price and she ought to have it. However, she made a good point in saying that despite her reservations on budget and other matters, she lets me gives her gifts – and hearing that, I accepted her offer.

Farrah, My Beautiful One and Gedwin (Inna taking the photo)

So Monday finally came, the day of getting her prize. Our friends Inna, Ged and Farrah went with her to the small gathering and everyone’s excitement stepped up a notch higher when they found out that she will be getting the 8GB version of the N95. Since I was away attending a training session, I nearly let out a yelp when I found out the good news.

I almost tripped over myself hurrying back to the office so she could give me her gift. And when they finally arrived, she called me over and introduced me to my newest toy –

With My Beautiful One and her generous gift.

I thank her for making such a sacrifice, despite my encouragements to keep her prize. She has a kind and generous heart for giving such a gift. I also thank God for letting her win the prize, for in such a way, it saved her from a spending on a gift for me. In the end, her prayers for getting me a gift that I want, without spending too much, and making my birthday special was answered and I am very much thankful to her for making this birthday special beyond words can describe.

I love you, Ann! You’re a blessing.

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