Another Beautiful Birthday Present

Cafe Juanita is a small, cozy restaurant located in Pasig City. The interior is artfully designed, adorned with ornaments, old bottles, mantle pieces that gives off that feeling of dining in an old home. We first encountered this restaurant in a Christmas lunch setup for a client and the combination of a intricately designed place and great food flavors made me and my beautiful one promise ourselves a return trip here.

As my birthday was coming up, my beautiful one asked me what I thought about spending my birthday lunch at Cafe Juanita. With my recollection of our first experience of their kare-kare and adobo, I immediately said yes and she setup reservations, three weeks away from my birthday as part of her present for me.

Not wanting to be disappointed by trying out untested dishes, we decided to stick to the same fare we had for the Christmas lunch – the Two-Way Adobo – pork ribs and crispy adobo flakes plated beautifully. At P3xx, it is quite an expensive dish, but the meat was perfectly cooked, falling off the bone, and the salty-sour flavors well-balanced. Certainly not your everyday adobo experience and I’d gladly play that much for something delicious as this.

We also ordered their Kare-Kare: leg of pork and innards in peanut sauce, vegetables and a side of shrimp paste. If you love this dish, you’ll love eating it here. The peanut sauce’s consistency was perfect, the meats cooked tender and the flavor seeped into the meat. The vegetables were crisp and fresh, and just the way I like them – cooked separately and added just moments before the dish is fully cooked.

Lastly, we had Crepe Samurai for desert. I have no words to describe it – but I’ll try. It’s like a mix of crepe and leche flan – with strips of mango fruit. It’s not sickeningly sweet, so it doesn’t give you that umay feeling after a few spoonfuls. By the time you’re done with one serving, you may want more. It’s that good. Check out my beautiful one’s smile in the photo below – it’s quite obvious how she feels about dessert.

After lunch, we spent a bit of time taking photos of the place, admiring its unique setup and all I can say is that a meal here in Cafe Juanita would be a good present for anyone who loves a good overall dining experience – though expensive, you are treated to a good ambience, great flavors and great service. I loved how everything turned out and I am grateful to my beautiful one for her beautiful birthday treat.

Now, this present will be hard to top when the time to celebrate her birthday comes.

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