The Turn Around Point

Last month, I started to pick up running after being encouraged by my office friends to try it out. Although I have done some running in the past, I was challenged by their achievements of conquering themselves and pushing themselves to the limit. So I decided to take it up much more seriously this time and started running regularly again.

If life was a 5K race, then we are in the turnaround point. You would think running five kilometers is an easy task, just like going through a year of your life, but as soon as you start running, you realize that the course offers its challenges – there are climbs, pains and doubts to deal with. When you look back, you would see how far you have gone, but looking forward, there is still much work to do ahead. You will find there are others ahead of you, but also it helps to know that there are others behind you as well. There are times that you will find yourself moving fast, having the speed, energy and the willpower to propel yourself forward, but in time, you will realize that you do get tired and will need to slow down and rethink how to get yourself to the goal of finishing the race.

At this halfway point, I realize that even the most intense preparations, training and planning for the race of life will never prepare you enough – the best preparation to take this race head on is just like running – do what you can and take what the race throws your way – when things do not go as planned, adjust as much as you can and never take your mindset off of the goal. When we take on the surprises of life and get through them, whether scarred or unscathed, we find something new in ourselves and in that we are thankful for the experience.

And now that I realize I’m at half distance and going through what I have, I start to re-plan what I had originally planned and re-set my little goals to attain the big one. I will be much more resolute in my decisions and in my actions. I will continue to work and run at my pace, picking it up when urgently needed and slowing down when I can go no faster. I will focus my energies on my chosen long-term goal. I will continue to help my family, but within the limits of what I can give. I will think of myself more, but up to a sensible level as to not to alienate the people around me.

Hopefully, as I cross the finish for life’s race of this year, I would be able to see that I was able to do what I set out to do –

Take what the race has given me, cross the finish line and become a better person out of the experience.

4 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. you forgot one important thing – no matter how hard or how easy, no matter how you finished, strong or weak, no matter whether you ran in the rain or under the sun, you’ve got to have fun running ‘the race’!

  2. @moloki – so true ! thanks to you guys for making me rediscover my love for running heheheh πŸ™‚ see you at the finish lines πŸ˜‰@van – so you’ve done this before πŸ™‚ hope to run into you during the races, if you decide to run them again πŸ˜‰ thanks for droppin by πŸ™‚@talabebi – oist – hehehe got too busy to write… now, just squeezing it in heheheh and thanks for still reading kahit na i dont update much :p

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