Preparing for the Buddy Run

Last night, my beautiful one and I spent more or less 3/4 of an hour running in order to prepare for Robinson’s Supermarket Fit and Fun 5KM Wellness Run on July 27. Since she just started running again just last week, we decided to gently break her in using this couch to 5K program that I found here a year ago and so far, it’s been a great help. She’s been able to increase her endurance and with a few more runs, she’ll be ready to take on the Fort’s usual 5K undulating course.

The weather was cloudy so that meant no GPS distance tracking via my N95’s Sports Tracker. Although I would’ve really loved to know how far we were able to run, all I was able to do was time our workout and Ann was able to do a total of 40 minutes of running. I went on my own after she went off to do cool downs for about ten minutes and I was able to pull off 4 laps of the Legazpi Village Parking Lot in less than ten minutes. This really boosted me as this meant I could probably be faster on my next target run on Sunday – The La Salle Cares One Run One Family One La Salle Run – thing is I wanted to do the 5K but they ran out of race kits, so I settled for the 3K run and maybe just add 2 extra kms after finishing.

Hopefully we’ll be able to finish the Buddy Run with a respectable time and it would be a really great experience to share something that I enjoy doing with Ann. Well, hopefully by some stroke of luck we get the first prize, but that will be the day if that happens. I’m really excited to run with her and cross that finish line with her and have another story to tell our kids when that time comes.

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