I'm ready for tomorrow. I'm kind of excited. Running alone, albeit a shorter race, is a first for me. No familiar faces to count on. Just me, the course and hundreds of unfamiliar faces. I'm facing new ground and it's thrilling for me. I wish she'd be there to watch. I always push myself to do better with her.

So here goes. I'll run in green and white, for it and for all those who can't.

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  1. i’m sorry honey, that i won’t be able to be there with you in person. but please know that i’m praying and cheering for you from where i am now… do your best and have fun. you’re doing this for a cause 🙂i love you…

  2. hihihi!?! how was the race? post pics at flickr, ayt?!..anyway, hope you could get the altis! 😛 hahahaha! take care! mwah!

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