One Run, One Family, One La Salle – One Wet and Crazy Race

I awoke to the familiar sound of rain falling on the roof at 3am. It was just a short, strong burst from the sky and in my mind, I was playing with the thought of not pushing through. But when I was flying out the door of my house at 4:45, the rain had abated but the skies were still littered with dark clouds, and I knew there would be a great possibility of running in the rain.

I spent 20 minutes at the long queue in the baggage counter, 10 minutes in the portalet queue, and just around 10-15 minutes to warm up. Since I have not yet acquired an armband for my N95 8GB that will do my distance measurement and timing, I was forced to carry a thick towel to shield it from the rainy weather. There was a festive atmosphere in the air, a sea of green and white runners, with an occasional blue and white runner to grace the occasion – La Sallians and Ateneans are fierce rivals on court and in the playing field but in occasions like this, they are cordial with one another.

A few minutes before the start, the rain started to fall and once the 3K race have fully cleared the start line, the drizzle had intensified – it was a difficult race for me as I’ve never ran in the rain before – my eyeglasses fogged up, the water ran down to my eyes which I had to dry every now and then – I was already one-handed with my towel-wrapped N95 so everything was pretty much a tough task – wiping the sweat and rainwater, getting to open to water bottle, and trying to clear up my foggy glasses.

I struggled after the halfway point – blaming it on my colds and slightly bruised body from an undulating 5K last Friday at AAV. I started to walk past the halfway mark and could not sustain a good enough pace without cramping so I had to resort to run walking just to try for a strong last kilometer finish.

Once I saw the long line to the finish, I just went ahead and did not bother for an official time anymore. My N95 8GB reported I completed 3.5km in 26 mins flat and though I was disappointed that I didn’t run the whole distance, it felt good that I was still able to finish despite the conditions.

For now, all that’s in my mind is the trip to Thailand with my beautiful one. That should be a real break from all this – once we get back, we’ll prepare for our next run – our first one together in an event – The Robinson’s Supermarket Fit and Fun Buddy Race 🙂

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