Every Pinoy Should Root for Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas, a 60-point game scorer, written off during college as a player and known utterly for his buzzer beating, heart tearing daggers in clutch situations recently visited Metro Manila as part of his Asian tour for his sponsor Adidas. He had nothing but good words to say about Filipinos during his visit and you can read more here.

This man is a one of a kind athlete not only for what he does on the court but also for what he does off of it. One of the few players without an agent who does the negotiating for his salary and his career, Agent Zero is a deeply principled athlete who shows off class for a star of his magnitude.

I don’t think there’s anyone else in the NBA who’s a franchise player that would slash $16M off of his salary to give his team a better chance to get better players to help achieve his dream of an NBA title – one who would actually go to GK areas and help a kid’s wish to have a basketball court and one who actually goes online to play with other players in various online games.

He may have that star swagger in the manner he talks, but with the talent and class of this athlete, you won’t mind. He’s been written off before to be destined as a nobody in basketball, and given the hard work and perseverance he’s put in his game, he deserves to talk the talk for his talent in scoring, stealing, passing and winning.

Personally, I think Arenas is a hugely gifted player, explosive inside and out, plays on both ends of the floor and with more reliable big men to complement him, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison, they could be the next big threat out in the Eastern Conference.

As a Filipino, I feel honored that Agent Zero has given us a great honor of visiting our country and I feel proud that our countrymen have extended him the warmth and welcoming that we are known for around the world.

Feel free to come back, Agent Zero. You’ve just won yourself millions of Filipino fans and expect Filipinos to be rooting for you and your Washington Wizards.

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