Robinson’s Supermarket Fit and Fun 5K Wellness Buddy Run

His and hers : our race bibs pinned on our singlets!

Last Sunday, Ann and I took part in this fresh concept of a race where two runners should start and cross the finish line together. When we heard about this, we both agreed that this would be a perfect race for Ann to break herself into running and at the same time, it was another great opportunity to share something we commonly like.

Like most fun runs, this one was held at The Fort, and we were there around 5:30 in the morning. The sky was a murky gray that threatened to bring down rain at any moment, while the wind was gently blowing with that eerie calm right before a storm reveals its wrath. The spirit was quite festive despite the limited number of participants (the limit was 300 pairs) but a little less responsive unlike the two previous races I’ve joined.

Before the start…

When the starting gun went off, we resisted all temptations to zoom up front and lagged behind at the tail of the field, doing our own pace and determined to spend most of the race running rather than walking. Since Ann was a first time 5K runner, we contented ourselves with the goal of finishing the distance and setting a benchmark time to improve ourselves against. Our silent prayer at the start kept the rain away during the race and the cool weather was a boon for us, because it kept away the energy draining morning heat.

We also had reservations about the race because we had just arrived from Bangkok on the Monday before the race weekend and the heavy work load simply didn’t give us much time to prepare more for the run. However, Ann really did well with her runs and showed grit and determination to run for most of the undulating, challenging but manageable Fort 5K route.

After the race – smiles of accomplishment! 🙂

Fifty-five minutes and fifty-nine seconds later, we were hand in hand crossing the finish line, to the applause of some of the organizers and some other people at the finish. There were no lines (Thank God!) and we coasted in to get our loot bag and our free energy drink at the finish area. The loot bag contained buttered toast biscuits, a box of milk tea, 2 packs of 2 pieces of bread, some tetra boxed fruit juice and other goodies that were useful in one way or another. We lingered around for a bit to see if we would win anything in the raffle (our friend Ivan already got lucky by winning the Oakley sun glasses at the Mizuno Infinity Race 2) but we didn’t.

But we did get our money’s worth – a good run and a great time. The race was really well organized and had what most runners were looking for – distance markers, adequate water supply, no lines at the finish and marshals making sure we were on the safe side of the road.

All in all, I hope they put together another event like this – and as for our next race, we hope to be able to run in the Men’s Health Miracle Run.


Edit: Some food loves…

Isabel, Adrian’s wife, tipped us of Red Mango in Central World mall in Bangkok. We had Blueberry, Orange and Mango with soft yogurt ice cream. Yum! Healthy dessert heaven…

Our favorite in Cibo – Aglio al Rosmarino

A welcome surprise: CW Lifestyle Cafe in SM Southmall has a good Seafood Fettucine @ P160
Since I wanted to enjoy CW’s free wi-fi access longer, I decided to take a snack: Banana Caramel Pie @ P50 – artfully decorated and with a good enough creamy high that’s not too overly sweet.

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